Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Long and Winding Road

This is a blog about what's right (high quality or "positive quiddity") and what's wrong (destructive quality or "negative quiddity").  As we build this blog, I am going to contend that negative quiddity exists, it is pernicious, and it is powerful.

For the purposes of this blog, we are going to assume that there are three axises of human thought -- the objective, the subjective and the qualitative.   The blog also assumes some philisophical preferences:

Essentialism over existentialism
realism over idealism
quality over both the objective and subjective
psychiatry over psychology
surrealism over impressionism
professional accounting judgment (by CPAs) over economic theory

and there may be more as we go along.

If a tree falls in the forest, it makes a noise, even if there are no human beings around to hear it.  The birds squawk, the critters adjust to the fallen tree, the bugs go crazy trying to readjus themselves, etc.  The universe actually exists, it isn't an idea we have cooked up, it isn't merely an idea within the mind of God.

An initial problem:  The Social Sciences May Not Exist in the absence of the quality axis in addition to the objective and subjective axis.  The Summer, 2010, City Journal had an article on this problem by Jim Manzi, entitled

What Social Science Does—and Doesn’t—Know
Our scientific ignorance of the human condition remains profound.
This is online at 


  1. good thorough explanation of your point in that article. Hopefully it will put a lot of people out of work and free up resources for something more productive!