Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Liberals – Tenets Achieve Low Quiddity 139

The Tenets of Modern Liberalism (blog post 138) present us with a startlingly clear picture of an aggregate philosophy that is absolutely arrogant about how humane it is, about how chaos should be celebrated, about how we can't be certain of anything, yet it dictates which forms of public discourse should be outlawed as destructive and impermissible. I find it particularly revealing that armament should not be allowed to be discussed in public. Neither should social “security” nor government medical rationing. These are eternally settled issues in the liberal utopia.
There is a pervasive emphasis on a callow, adolescent worship of action, violence, sincerity and caring. Certain emotional states are admirable regardless of the timing or reason for the eruption of passion.

The Tenets of Modern Liberalism stand clearly in stark antagonism against the lessons Clive Barker gives us in The Great and Secret Show. A pastiche of fitful and vain anxiety oozes forth from the Tenets that has nothing in common with the canny building of wisdom and courageous impartiality shown in Barker's lessons.

The overt statement of the tenets, once run through the analytical centrifuge of postings 98 through 137, show us a persistently immature temperament (very much like Dostoevsky's The Adolescent), waiting for a decisive, firm leader who will bring about a benevolent (because caring and sincere and fully consistent with Nietzsche, Heidegger, Derrida and Marcuse) thus firm dictator (not called a dictator, indeed not, but a “leader” of “activist government”).

Modern Liberals have painted themselves into a self-delusional corner where they await the chance to meet and serve Clive Barker's fraudulent shaman, Kissoon. Their beloved redistribution can be painted as the horrific mountain of insects that represent the attack of the Iad Uroboros into our three dimensions. These are spear carriers who will follow Lenin or Che or Castro or Pol Pot no matter how cruel the orders are, as long as the pesky counter-revolutionary influences can be stamped out and the utopia proceed as planned.

It's hard to sink below the level of the Christian Right's cookbook utopia or the libertarians' quadrillion dollar mistake, but the liberals' tenets manage to do so. The result will be a strictly regulated campus where only certain words are allowed, a nightmare paradise that will surely lose its next war, and the defeat will probably be accomplished through an early and cowardly waving of the white flag.

Modern Liberalism represents an ideal standard of negative quiddity: an intolerant, exoskeletal government where quality and inspiration are outlawed. It is a paradise magnetically attractive to an ambitious psychopath who knows how to affect a kindly face before television cameras.

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