Saturday, November 6, 2010

TG&SS Part VII chapter 7 Lessons 65

Part VII Lessons
Chapter 7

Part VII chapter 7
Rummaging through the stacks of library books and scanning the indexes is an
     underrated and effective form of research because it is speedy and unbiased
Killing an opponent does not always stop his information from flowing to other opponents
Chaos at its strongest slows, then jams, the ability of the rational mind to function
Don't look upon disaster unless your mind is properly girded
There is great power in embracing, rather than denying, confusions and contradictions
The approach of chaos ends mercy in the minds of the observers
Never wear your sigil when undercover or in disguise
A belief in one's own heroism and one's deserved high place can cause huge bloodshed
An old threat, uttered again even to another, can enormously invigorate a soul to action
The anguished cry of an enemy may in effect pass power to the one who listens to it
Gathering understanding is worth any price or grief or hardship
Infants, children and lovers should not be forced to make peace with their mortality
Mind is also matter; therefore justice is more than a concept, it exists
It is worth living to know what justice is and whether or not it prevails
Comfort and respect a frightened spirit, even one you know, when you encounter it
Repay a gift by using it to climb out of your limitations
There are no limits to what should be offered to save a free spirit
Chaos seeks singularity as its salvation

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