Monday, November 8, 2010

TG&SS Part VII Lessons chapter 8 67

Part VII Lessons

Part VII chapter 8
The marks of Quiddity's sea disappear from skin after re-entry to the ordinary world
The eyes of those who share the unspeakable become possessed by other such eyes
Personally flaky and weird witnesses may be the only ones who saw what happened
Hypocrisy, alone, is sinful enough to destroy a community
It is profoundly difficult for a literalist to speak poetically
When love spawns cataclysms and deaths, the lovers themselves must grow apart
Those who have a secret vice are the subject of heavy gossip should they vanish
Seeing a cowardly man of the cloth locks a young adult out of belief
If you've seen too much, you won't be left alone in peace afterward
The Art is vast. It collapses time and space. It combines past, future and dreams
When you know way too much, a change in identity and location is required
It is painful to meditate on any whisper from the dream-sea, Quiddity
Albeit a bloody and an excruciating mess, yes, rarely, Romeo and Juliet win

The End of the Great and Secret Show chapter Lessons

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