Tuesday, November 2, 2010

TG&SS Part VII Lessons Chapter 4 and 5 (part) 61

Part VII Lessons

Part VII chapter 4
Warnings of danger are not always appreciated
It is unwise to become angry about disloyalty with someone you don't love
An obsessive personality places a low valuation on physical reality
A warning coming from an individual of known competence is worth heeding
There are people who worship chaos. They are a small number, but that is enough
A savior doesn't have to be a hero or even a good person

Part VII chapter 5 (part)
The confusion of a gentle soul can reveal the magnitude of a major tragedy
Two antagonists, both bamboozled by the same swindler, might become
     respectful partners
Bad habits come right back to the practitioner under extreme pressure
To understand the meaning of a sacred item is to go beyond merely holding a symbol
Off-handed time limits have a way of re-stating themselves into contracts and bets

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