Thursday, November 4, 2010

TG&SS Part VII Lessons 63

Part VII Lessons

Part VII chapter 5 (conclusion)
Fits of fear and panic prevent a mind from offering any qualitative help to another
Solving one axis of a problem or enigma may give strong clues for solving the next axis
The crossroads is Quiddity. It's our dreams. It's not flesh and blood at the
     crossroads, it's the mind focused by quality
A genuine shaman can say, honestly, “I never regretted knowing anything in my life”
Denigrating a man's self-pity is less effective than engaging his conceit or chauvinism
A problem with bragging is that you may have to prove later that you weren't just bluffing
A killer who has created unspeakable trouble may revert quickly to a gray,
     forgettable persona
Irony is the humorous facet of poetic justice

Part VII chapter 6
If a situation is profoundly grave, experts will come, test, analyze, leave and say nothing
Watch dogs, fulfilling their duties alertly, are elevated by the meditative power of alertness
Covering a story may grant you some the skills of those you report on
Authorities will sometimes demure to you if your instructions are wise,
     commanding and just
When someone is condescending to you, pretend not to notice it
Quiddity is an achievement far preferable than ordinary reality
The epiphanies of music and love are more than self-deception
Quiddity is an everlasting power, a storehouse of pure quality that must be preserved
Without dreams, life is nothing consequential
Evil approaches when the vortex of its path stops swallowing and gets ready to vomit

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