Friday, October 8, 2010

Negative Quiddity Described 36

Personality Characteristics Associated With Negative Quiddity

I will admit that this is simply a rambling list of bad personality characteristics that don't fit neatly together, but, I contend, that is exactly how negative quiddity manifests itself.

makes promises and then typically double-crosses the other party
leads by authority and attracts authority worshipers
serves his own appetites first and best
lacks wisdom but is proud of its own cunning
enjoys being feared
steals and thinks everyone else steals
leads by rumor and manages by gossip
is unmoved and indifferent to music and gracefulness
does not understand the law of unintended consequences
has no concept of poetic justice
regularly hires subordinates who see through him, quit, and become enemies
can deftly feign spirituality
uses sympathy as a weapon
capable of greediness and ruthlessness to the point of being comic
exudes superficial charm and likeability –
but any witty or urbane comments uttered are plagiarized from others
will quit a game in the middle rather than lose
cannot make fun of himself
cannot endure mockery
believes that a positive attitude can manifest itself physically
cannot promote any individual smarter than himself
clumsily tests people to figure them out
fiercely proud of his own worldliness
practices vocabulary through crossword puzzles rather than reading books
fidgets and is compulsively jealous in the presence of excellence
infuriated by any losing streak
cheats at the board and card games that he plays
invents enemies out of people who are neutral about him
employs invalidation and dishonest argumentation with any disliked subordinates
Is certain that everyone has a price and seeks to know the dreams and goals of others

exhibits naked human evil, the knowing manipulation of the cognitive biases of others

= = = = = = = = = =

post script to certified public accountants and chartered accountants: strongly consider dropping potential clients possessing several of these personality characteristics.

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