Friday, October 29, 2010

TG&SS Part VI Chapters 9 to 11 Lessons 57

Part VI Lessons
Chapters 9 to 11

Part VI chapter 9
It's possible to go to war for the purpose of killing off the ghosts that haunt you
Going to war should mean that within your own mind you should be ready to die
One who loves you will tell you “Do what you feel is right” rather than “Do as I want”

Part VI chapter 10
Listless, stupified people are utterly useless in a crisis
Young persons are often kind and helpful but very often unable to understand a crisis
Unless bored or discouraged, a mob gets more unruly as time goes on
Fanatics and crazy persons should never see or hear you praying, it eggs them on

Part VI chapter 11
Some individuals are born to be witnesses regardless of the fear or danger
Abject devotion and worship strips a woman of her beauty
Under extreme pressure and danger, a shudder of contemplaing death is appropriate
Some situations are so extreme that there is no safe distance from them
The strongest call may be of a thing to its opposite, its natural enemy
Melancholy and civil spirits may nonetheless fight like animals when required
Sometimes we don't realize how much we hate someone until he destroys himself
When help retreats from grave danger, it may be just to get necessary supplies
Love can move us to take any risk of life or limb


  1. I'm still wondering why the Jaff left Grillo alone

  2. Grillo blocked Jaff's partner from leaving the room. Grillo is a witness, not a cop nor a competitor. The Jaff believed Grillo would do his job and merely serve as a witness.

    The Jaff may already kmew Grillo was a fallible man with no powerful ambitions because (speculation) the Jaff knew about Grillo's involvement with Ellen Nyugen. We still don't know if her son's imaginary playmate was a hallucinated ghost from Fletcher or the Jaff himself working angles to get to Rochelle to get to the party to suck in power.

  3. I think the witness explanation form the Jaff's point of view is too simple. The reasons you give above are reasons that could pertain to the Jaff leaving virtually anyone alone. But he didn't because he was greedy for terata. That was the whole reason for planning the party to begin with.

    It might be that his army got so big and his control of it so tenuous, he actually decided the next one might be the final straw.

    It could possibly be that since he was also greedy for acknowledgment and adulation he wanted Grillo sober to report on his power. But i don't think so. He wanted obvious displays of his power to "cow his subjects".