Sunday, October 17, 2010

TG&SS Part III Lessons 45

Part III Lessons

Part III chapter 1
A teenager's vices often last into middle age
Even a life in complete seclusion may fail to hide one's character
Some experiences are so grim that you don't share them even with those who also went through them first-hand.

Part III chapter 2
Love at first sight affects more than the two lovers
Using social skills to bring two enfatuated people together is mandatory and must not be denied them
The course of true love never runs true [Shakespeare]

Part III chapter 3
When faces are contorted with malice, peace and comity are very far
The voices that talk to you as your life ebbs away have their own agenda, not yours
It is shameful to be part of a crowd that gathers motivated by morbid curiosity

Part III chapter 4
A man who falls from grace may continue his profession, though in a shameful way
Very special is the friend that knows why you called and what you need to know
Unattractive persons may nevertheless have features that are attractive or persuasive

Part III chapter 5
Don't let gossip dissuade you from pursuing the one you love
There's nothing wrong with being courageous only when it is necessary
Wallowing in guilt doesn't solve problems

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