Thursday, October 21, 2010

TG&SS Part V Lessons 49

Part V Lessons

Part V chapter 1
The thrill that an unexpected visitor will come and enchant you is a mirage
There is a sense of power and freedom in knowing that the truth is stranger than your imagination
If keeping your word to another irks your beloved, tell your inamorata what help you need from him
Evidence left behind at the scene can be retrieved for the stories that it can tell

Part V chapter 2
Facing down evil can be empowering and refreshing
Some people have lost their souls. Some haven't. Sometimes you can't tell
Miracles don't just happen. They are made

Part V chapter 3
Orders can be bent to hide what you know and to achieve something tangential to the hidden
When someone says something goofy, it is polite to respond with an agreeable platitude
Children should beware of imaginary friends who ask to be fed

Part V chapter 4
A seduction that appears easy and gratifying is probably a mistake
Unlimited ambition will tolerate any tactics that are consistent with the desired achievement

Part V chapter 5
It is hard to see faces clearly during the golden hour (the last full hour of sun over the Pacific)
It pays intense dividends to be courteous to those who present a repugnant appearance
Sorrow is uniquely recognizable on nearly every countenance
A face showing a dead soul is morbidly hypnotic to observe
An intruder at a sacred place can be identified instantly by a characteristic clumsiness
The human ego has a tendency to miscalculate during critical and perilous confrontations

Part V chapter 6
Spelunking and cave exploration are claustrophobic, but fear can be sweat out of an adventurer
Normal social friendships can be calming to frayed nerves
Sudden unexpected exposure to the severely abnormal should cause profound alertness
A common belief is that people who need us won't harm us, but this can be false
Strangers who think they know you and want to follow you are a dangerous mob

Part V chapter 7
A vain man will slow his escape after burglary to protect his face or appearance
Art is the one dogma. Quiddity is the one heaven. Quiddity must be preserved
People are easily thrown off track if the right scent is laid down
The most successful quests result in the status of membership in an adepthood
Good news consists of fragments of stories, massaged into cults and distractions

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