Sunday, October 31, 2010

TG&SS Part VII chapters 1 to 3 Lessons 59

Part VII Lessons
Chapters 1 to 3

Part VII chapter 1

Joy, freedom and power are very difficult for most of us find and even more difficult to accept!
Quiddity has its own purposes and is open to only its invited guests
Quiddity appears to be the stuff of your own imagination. It cannot be experienced objectively
In Quiddity, the sixth sense is sympathy
The sea does not change you if you trust it and share your joy with it
Quiddity reveals the pettiness of whiners

Part VII chapter 2
Telling a preposterous truth to the boss will sound to him like a resignation letter
It is worth while to contact the mess maker and ask his help in undoing his catastrophe
It takes a misfit to be a good shaman
Sometimes a screenwriter or researcher makes a good shaman
If your locale and home are identical, you won't leave it even if there is mortal danger
A person may flee a place where he fears he is losing his mind
The quiet flight of those in retreat, silently of a single mind, is not a mob nor a riot

Part VII chapter 3
The home of quality is where bridges are built like buttresses and gossamer buildings soar
Even the most magnificent tranquility can grow sour
Acquiring a glimpse of the great and secret show is worth dying for
Horror at the sudden disfigurement of a loved one must be disguised
There is a horrible listlessness that will not listen to a human warning of danger

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