Saturday, October 23, 2010

TG&SS Part VI Chapters 1 to 6 Lessons 51

Part VI Lessons
Chapters 1 to 6

Part VI chapter 1
If frightful followers ask you to be the leader hesitate
A mob you are leading may send you a clear message to continue violent actions
The bigger the group, the harder it is to control

Part VI chapter 2
Habitually buying just the food you need for each night will lead to an inconvenience
Take a suspicious relative to talk to an eyewitness when you need to back up your facts

Part VI chapter 3
When people are out to get something, they can't care about each other
It is not possible to fear someone you regard as ridiculous
Be careful at any party where those present are socially above you

Part VI chapter 4
Being the passenger of a car with a distracted driver can be unnerving and frightfull
When told someone is deceitful, either they are or the person who formed the accusation is
Watch over refugees when they enter your camp

Part VI chapter 5
Jealous rivals may find it necessary to feign sorrow and maximize hypocrisy at a ceremony
Ambition can make us bring down our betters and smother the good within ouselves
Not showing contempt when around powerful people is an important and vital skill

Part VI chapter 6
Wandering can sometimes bring you to the right place
Sometimes the right person is waiting for you at the place where you stop wandering
When someone admits they didn't trust you when they should have, honor their candor

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