Wednesday, October 27, 2010

TG&SS Part VI Chapters 7 to 8 Lessons 55

Part VI Lessons
Chapters 7 and 8

Part VI chapter 7
The best lies are told briefly and seamlessly surrounded by the truth
Someone “in hiding” may be trapped there rather than hiding there
Blood cannot be spilled inside a time loop – the one who spills blood becomes a
     prisoner of the loop (this is an exact analogy to the Law of Kinde: Never bring
     violence under your own roof)
Convincing, commanding persuasion may be used for banal purposes like hiding
     criminal evidence
Even the most carefully constructed secret society may be entered by a plunderer
     and destroyer
No secret society is completely safe from outside corruption of one of its members
Spiritual, especially ascetic, purification changes the nature of the seeking adept person
There's something so bad that if it breaks into our plane, nothing will survive intact
Trust no shaman who seeks to possess your body or to command your will
A life saving opportunity to help an ally might actually be a distraction from the enemy's
     real target
If you know too much about evil, all of evil's devices will be used to destroy you before
     others are informed with what you know

Part VI chapter 8
Don't dress differently, especially don't under-dress, when crashing a party as a spy
Psychological control, especially over one's vices, makes one appear younger than
     one's age
Relentless art collection is a sickness in which the collector comes to prefer the objects
     to humans
A party with the entrance closed and the feeling of celebration gone is no longer a party
     at all
As a guest, leave a party when there is more tension than you are comfortable with
Condescension can be used to trap an egotistical person into doing something
     dangerous or foolish
An army can be assembled motivated and energized by fear. But above a certain size,
     such a mob cannot be controlled nor directed
Respect humbling insights about yourself, especially those that come upon you suddenly
The great stories are only metaphors of objects and places standing for states of mind
If you get a prize bigger than you are, it is proper to fear opening it up
Trapped by enemies, getting them into a quarrel with each other may allow an innocent
     to escape the scene unnoticed
Surrounded by enemies, if the weakest seeks to leave, it may be advantageous to force
     him to remain, as a gift to the more powerful enemy

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