Thursday, October 7, 2010

Examples of Positive Quiddity 35

(just a partial list, a sample rather than an index)

Winston Churchill
Norman Borlaug
Jimmy Durante
Carmen Cavallaro
Max Steiner
Coco Chanel
Rudolf Friml
Filo Farnsworth
Ely Culbertson
George Kennan
George C. Marshall
Madame Curie
Edwin Land
Sidney Reilly
William Stephenson
Princess Noor-un-nisa Inayat Khan
Jack Benny
Jack Paar
William Seward
Felix Grant
Alfred Hitchcock
Edith Head
Nelson Mandela
Sir John Guilgud
Eddie Heywood
Paul Volcker
George Carlin
Eugene O'Neil
Marlene Dietrich
John Barrymore
Arthur Miller
Friedrich August von Hayek
Jackie Gleason
John Ericsson
James Watson and Francis Crick
Harry Warren
Hoagy Carmichael
Rod Serling
Clara Barton
Antonio Carlos Jobim


  1. So are to understand all these people were inspired by Hermes energy in their particular fields. Is that right?

  2. All of these people are examples of positive quiddity (individuals somewhat like Fletcher and certainly unlike Jaffe as demonstrated in The Great and Secret Show). Usually the list involves Hermes energy. A possible exception who makes the list anyway is Churchill (whose Hermes-like skill was out-psyching dark forces, partly because of his own melancholy and humility about his own virtues). In any event, the world is a better place because of the actual work done in the real world by the people on this list.